About the product Nuzzera

Nuzzera is a news platform that combines aggregated articles from established sources with directly published content from independent journalists. Readers can consume this content on a freemium basis. The resulting diversity is personalized through machine learning. The developed algorithm is trained to recommend the most relevant and entertaining information for each user. At the same time, the effect of filter bubbles should be minimized. Nuzzera sees itself as a software company and infrastructure provider that focuses on machine learning.

Nuzzera’s application on a smartphone. Here: The news feed

Nuzzera’s application on smartphone and computer. Left: A published article. Right: The editor for journalists

About the company Nuzzera

Nuzzera is a startup based in Berlin. The founders are Marco Herzog, Janine Perkuhn and Alexandru Popa.

Marco Herzog (CEO) is product manager, engineer and frontend developer. He is responsible for business development. He has been a member of the startup scene for more than eight years and has previously worked for the Incubator Project A Ventures.

Janine Perkuhn (CPO) is a product designer specialized in UX and service design. She is responsible for user-centric product development and design. Previously, she worked for Volkswagen as a user experience specialist for four years.

Alexandru Popa (CTO) is a data scientist and machine learning expert. He is responsible for business intelligence and the development of algorithms. He previously worked in this area at the FinTech startup Bonify.

Nuzzera’s vision is to enable the individual to be open, curious and best informed.

Marco Herzog, CEO and Co-Founder of Nuzzera

Janine Perkuhn, CPO and Co-Founder of Nuzzera

Alexandru Popa, CDO and Co-Founder of Nuzzera

Team photo of Nuzzera’s founders: Marco Herzog, Janine Perkuhn und Alexandru Popa

Logo Nuzzera